Crown/leaf temperature sensor (MTB20)

The crown / leaf temperature sensor is placed in the crown of the plant. It is placed at a height of 1 m on the north side of the crown. When it comes to crop or vegetable production then it is placed in the height of the planted plant. The sensor is characterized by its reliability and durability.

Technical characteristics of the crown / leaf temperature sensor

Measuring characteristics



0,1  °C

Time of conversion

±0.5°C (od -10°C do +85°C)

Response time (63%)

Max. 750 ms

Measuring area

-55 do 125 °C

Electrical characteristics


Power supply voltage

2.5 - 5.5 V

Power supply

At idle  0,2  μA; in measuring 1 mA


Digital interface (1 or 2-core)

Technical performance


Cable lenght

2.5 m


3.5 mm stereo connector


∅15 x 300 mm


100 g


12 months