Pinova Irrigation - Soil Water Balance

Pinova irrigation - Soil Water Balance

Pinova Irrigation - Soil Water balance is an application designed to provide producers with accurate irrigation schedules through a mathematical calculation of groundwater deficit, based on the obtained meteorological data.

The application serves to visualize, control and approximate water in the soil using mathematical models. Based on the water balance calculations, it comes up to how much the water deficit is in the soil (every day), making it easier to determine when and with what quantity of water to irrigate. It is of great importance to engage in irrigation in a timely manner. With Pinova Irrigation Soil Water Balance Application that is not a problem. The application is made to make the user simple and affordable. User has to create plots and select plants he grows, type of irrigation he uses, soil and other.

To use the application, daily weather data retrieval from the Pinova Meteo station is required.


To whom is it intended?

Pinova Irrigation - Water balance is used by vegetable, fruit, olive and wine growers. For research purposes, it is also intended for faculties and institutes to use it as a platform for easier computation of evapotranspiration and water balance in the soil.
During development, we used professional literature and scientific knowledge in pedology, melioration and meteorology. We have combined science and modern information technology (IT) to get a product that will make it easier to decide when and how much to irrigate, thus rationalizing water consumption and increasing the quality and quantity of end product.


How does the app work?

Mathematically calculates evapotranspiration (FAO 56 Penman-Monteith) and water balance in the soil for each day using agriculture weather station data (temperature and humidity of air, solar radiation, rainfall and wind speed). Data can be entered into the application in several ways:

  • Automatic download of data from its own agronomic PinovaMeteo station
  • Automatic with an agrometeorological station that is not owned by a user, but is located in its vicinity.
  • Manually upload data from another manufacturer's agrometeorological station owned by the user
  • Manual data entry

Reference evapotranspiration is calculated according to the FAO 56 Penman-Monteith formula, which has been shown to be the most precise method for humid and arid climate during the decade of research. The formula is suitable for calculating evapotranspiration on a daily basis. The reference evapotranspiration (ETo) is multiplied by the coefficient of culture (Kc) to obtain the Evapotranspiration Culture (ETc).

The water balance is calculated according to the formula:
Dv = Dvpd + ETc - Oef - Irr

where the values are as follows:
Dv = deficit (deficit) of water
Dvpd = deficit of the water of the previous day
ETc = Evapotranspiration of culture (mm)
Oef = effective precipitation (mm)
Irr = irrigation (mm)


Software fo calculating soil water balance comes uis perfect match with Pinova Meteo station. Do not hesitate, contact us!