About us

Pinova d.o.o. is a technology company formed as a result of many years of experience in agriculture. It was established in 2010 in Čakovec, Croatia, with the aim of creating and developing modern technologies in agriculture that directly affect the quality and yield of agricultural production. Our projects are related to different types of agricultural production, from fruit growing, vineyards and winemaking, through vegetables to farmland.

After many years of field work in agriculture, understanding the everyday problems and challenges that affect a large number of producers, so with our experience and knowledge we have developed:

  • Agrometeorological Station PinovaMeteo which measures, collects and sends micro climatic data to the user's computer for the purpose of displaying the start, duration and intensity of the attack of a specific plant disease.

  • For optimum and timely irrigation we have developed PinovaIrrigation Water balance application a mathematical calculation of groundwater deficit, based on obtained meteorological data.

  • PinovaDoc,  electronic agricultural documentation platform for easier records, data analysis and organization of production and business operations.

We believe that further development of agriculture is going in the direction of connecting with Information Technology (IT), because by gathering more precise and reliable information, the farmer will be able to make easier decisions about:

  • Production Technologies

  • Working resources (pesticides, water for irrigation, fertilizers, etc.)

  • Organization of production and business

By analyzing and comparing the multi-year parameters obtained from the plot, it results in a more meaningful, argumented and optimal use of working resources, which increases the quality and quantity of products while preserving the environment and biodiversity.



  • Maintain as regional leaders in the production of agro-meteorological stations and expand business worldwide

  • Targeting agricultural producers towards technological progress and informatization of their work, in order to meet legal obligations and achieve better business results.

  • Further development and upgrading of new technologies in the field of agriculture

  • Collaboration with higher education institutions for the purpose of mutual understanding, facilitation and improvement.

  • Building a network of partners around the world

  • Increase the quality of services and products

  • Providing education to our users, which is based on new scientific knowledge and innovations.


Our mission is to develop practical and useful technologies for farmers.