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Pinova Meteo - agrometeorological stations
Pinova Meteo data - agrometeorological data


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E-mail support

Send us an e-mail with a description of the problem to the following mail address:


Phone support

Call us by following the phone number  +385 40 499 425 or +385 97  649 9425 and explain the problem. This type of support is available from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 15:00.


Team Viewer support

TeamViewer is a program by which we can connect to your computer and share your screen. On this way we provide technical support and education.


Maintenance of agrometeorological station

Although the station is robust and resistant, some segments on it are more sensitive and need periodic maintenance. Things you should pay attention to:


Rain gauge cleaning

We recommend that you remove the tap once a month and remove the accumulated garbage because otherwise obstructions and misalignments of rain can occur. With the hand, pull out the two screws that are on the outside of the sleeve and remove it. If there is any accumulated garbage in it, pull it out, making sure that the grid and the liquid router located at the bottom of the plunger do not fall out. The most common cause of congestion is: leaves, insects, birds and dust.


Cleaning or protecting the moisture sensor list

We recommend that you protect the sensor with a bag before each plant protection and wipe it once a month with a damp cotton cloth. Some of the plant protection products are aggressive and can affect their lifespan, and by regular maintenance the lifespan of the sensor is prolonged. Even unclean sensors can show more moisture on the leaf than there really is. When checking or cleaning, make sure that the active side of the sensor is not in contact with leaves, fruits or branches.


Protection of the temperature  and humidity sensor

It would be desirable to cross or wrap the prior art of any plant protection with the RHT shield in which the sensor is located. Due to the accumulation of small particles of the pesticide on the mesh of the sensor after a long time, it may be possible to measure wrong humidity of the air.

It is not necessary for Meteo station to be stored inside during the winter.