Mobile application - PinovaMobile

PinovaMobile is an online mobile application that comes with PinovaMeteo. Mobile application can be accessed from mobile phones, tablets, or from a computer that has internet access. The app is downloaded from the Google Play Store (for Android users) or by loading the Internet address (for iphone users)



  • View the last measured data displayed in a one-hour view
  • Review monthly averages for past periods
  • View the infections that have occurred in your plantation
  • Alarm that notifies you when the value of the measured parameter reaches the selected value that you define (minimum and maximum temperature, soil moisture, precipitation, temperature sums, etc.)
  • View 10-day weather forecasts
  • Calculation of temperature sums

Linking with PinovaDoc application - records of agricultural production

If you use our PinovaDoc application via PinovaMobile you can create an audio / video archive that allows you to quickly record anything that comes to mind while you are in the field. A recorded voice or photo with the exact date and time is saved in the application as a reminder. Later on your computer, review your captured photos and listen to audio.

In addition to the audio / video archive, you can view all the agrotechnical works that you have worked in your plantation and have recorded them in the PinovaDoc application.