Disease models

Growth and development of plant pathogens (fungi, bacteria) depend most on weather conditions. The main parameters that agriculture weather station have to measure to predict or to say when was infection is air temperature, relative air humidity, moisture content on leaf and precipitation.

Most fungal pathogens of plant diseases can not develop and cause infection without the presence of moisture on the leaf (not all, for example, powdery mildew of grape -  Uncinula necator), which makes the leaf moisture a prerequisite for the development of the disease.


Development of plant diseases

When the spores come into contact with moist herbal tissue, it begins to germinate. Spores develop infectious tubes and penetrate the epidermal cell, establish a relationship between sensitive herbal tissue and pathogenic microorganism, this is a moment of infection. The period after infection, and before the visible symptoms of the disease, is called incubation (hidden or latent time). This period may last from several days to several months. The  germination time and incubation depend directly on the length of the leaf moisture and temperature. Most of the economically significant pathogens are well-researched by experts. By combining science and modern information technology, prognostic models for plant diseases are obtained.

By purchasing the PinovaMeteo station, the user selects the following forecast models:

Some of the available models:


Wine grape

Downy mildew

Plasmopara viticola
  Powdery mildew Uncinula necator

Gray mold  of berry

Botritys cinerea
  Gray mold  of flower Botritys cinerea

Apple scab

Venturia inaequalis

Fire blight

Erwinia amylovora
Peach leaf curl Taphrina deformans

Brown rot of stone fruits

Monilinia fructicola

Shot hole disease

Wilsonomyces carpophilus

Shot hole disease

Wilsonomyces carpophilus
Pear Fire blight Erwinia amylovora
  Pear scab Venturia pirina

Cherry leaf spot

Blumeriella jaapii

Brown rot

Monilinia fructigena
Plum Shot hole disease Wilsonomyces carpophilus
Strawberry Gray mold  of stawberry Botrytis cinerea
Suger beet

Sugarbeet leaf spot disease

Cercospora beticola

Wheat leaf rust

Puccinia recondita

Wheat stripe (yellow) rust

Puccinia striiformis
  Speckled leaf blotch Septoria tritici


*The following table does not contain all disease models, please contact us for more information.