Wind speed and direction sensor EKO

Anemometer (EKO)

Low moment of inertia and unique bearings react very sensitively to the speed of the wind. The unique bearing system self-lubricates itself, so moisture and dirt do not affect the bearings or degrade sensor performance (self-cleaning). The anemometer is highly resistant to freezing, even without heating option.

Technical characteristics of the Anemometer (EKO)

Measuring range

0,5 - 67 m/s


 ± 2%


The black Lexan (polycarbonate), which is anti-corrosive, UV-resistant and virtually unbreakable


  • Modified Teflon
  • Self-service (without freezing)
  • O-ring mounted in the drum
  • Easy to replace (within 5 years of operation)


Fully reinforced beryllium copper


3 cups conical cross section 5 cm, 19cm diameter of the rotor


Cleaning once a year, due to the accumulation of dust and sand

Maximum wind speed

Recorded up to 97 km / h without damage to anemometers

Temperature range

-50 °C do + 65 °C (even without heating)


0 do 100% R.H. (resistant to tropical conditions)

Electrical system

Standard electromagnetic pulse generator

Power consumption

Standard zero

Cable type

  • 2 wired cables
  • special cable: coaxial RG 58CU
  • or armored paired pair