Soil moisture sensor (WP3)

Soil moisture sensor is an innovation of Pinova d.o.o. which combines the patented Watermark probe, with the integrated electronics of company Pinova d.o.o. Once placed in the ground, it exchanges water with its surroundings (soil) and stays in balance with it. The soil moisture sensor uses its integrated electronics to convert the resistance between the electrodes to the output voltage that is temperature compensated and directly proportional to the water tension in the ground.

This output voltage, the PinovaMeteo station, displays as a value in centibars, and this value represents the plant's energy equivalent, which root system uses to extract water from the ground.


Technical characteristics of the Soil moisture sensor (WP3)


± 10%


3,6 – 30 V


1 cb

Conversing time

400 ms

Working area

0 do 200 cb

Calibration and conversion

Sensors are calibrated for outdoor use

Working area

0 ° C do 30 ° C

Cable lenght                                               

5 m

Cable type                                   

3,5 mm stereo connector

Sensor dimensions                         



12 months