Pyranometer - solar radiation sensor (PYR)

Global Radiation Sensor PYR measures the density of the Sun's radiation (Wat/m2) in a 180 degree field of vision. It is specially designed for continuous outdoor use and is completely waterproof. The sensor is placed on a carrier located at the top of the agrometeorological station. It is of great importance for calculating evapotranspiration.

Technical characteristics of the global radiation sensor


± 5%


0,1 W/m2

Measuring range

0 do 1.750 W m-2 (0-350mV)

Calibration and conversion

Sensor calibrated for outdoor use

Working environment

-40 ° C do 55 ° C

Cable lenght

3 m

Cable type

3,5 mm "stereo" connector

Sensor dimensions

2,4x2,75cm (0,95x1,1in)


12 months